Friday, March 13, 2009

New things and updates and wow promo!


First of all, I'd love to state that my client, Olive Jane is having a get-together and she's having a sale on her line! I invite you to come if you can. If you somehow can't make it as wild boars take over your house, then feel free to give her a call and get the clothes! She'd be happy to have you!

But, there is NO reason why you should not come. There are cupcakes.

MmmmMMmmmm... delishus cupcakes....

You know you want to.

(**Note: Blogger is being dumb and cutting off the graphic invite. Here is the direct link so that you can print it for your information or just to hold this graphic in your hot little hand.)

Here's her website and Facebook, so you can let her know to attend. If you somehow don't have a Facebook, then get one or email her:

Another update is that the SON - Kingdom Album is DONE!

Here is a low-res version of the image. The printable image will be soon available to purchase.
(Plus the load time would have increased exponentially if I posted the hi-res one on the blog.)

Click on the image to get the full layout, as Blogger seems to cut off images.

These images are also available in my portfolio website. They are under my Graphic Design aspect of my site in the Resume page.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Firefox Logo 2.0

Ok, I am not passing this off as MINE, I'm trying to put a different take on the Firefox logo.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Arrogant Man

I had been working on this concept for the past few days now.

This is the Arrogant Man, or the Prince in the Chzo Mythos series.

Download Yahtzee's games, they are fun, a throwback to the old style type games you used to play as a small tyke. Plus, the stories are quite good overall, with disturbing elements, and good mythical lore.

Did another one: