Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well, a lot of stuff has happened then there was a lull and it happened again.

I just finished up with two projects with two fashion companies, one with one art company, and put in a graphic proposal for a film. I've moved to a nice new place and am quite pleased that things are going well.

I'm going to star in a comedy show called 'Community' of which stars Chevy Chase, Joel McHale, and Yvette Nicole brown. I'll be Hillary the Coffee girl. It will be interesting to see how things go.

There are a few other projects that are being developed and I shall let you know what new things are happening.

I also want to take a moment that my dear friend Alison Bane, passed away peacefully after a brave fight with melanoma. She was the creator of Olive Jane and I feel fortunate not only to have worked with her, but to have known her personally. She brought out the best in people and was an unending source of optimism, life, and joy. She showed that in her clothes and in her attitude despite this disease. She left behind a loving man, a lovely daughter, and a whole caboodle of wonderful friends and family that I can't count on all of my digits.

Godspeed to you, Alison. I was glad to have met you. We will all miss you terribly.