Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas To All...

...and to all a GOOD night!

Hope everyone's Christmas wishes come true. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I have been a busy potato.

I've started a new job in the meantime. I consider it calling it going to business school, but I get paid for it ha-ha. I figure the worst enemy that I've had to contend with is boredom. It breeds idleness, sloth, and lack of self-worth after a while. At least with this, I can keep sharp and socialized. It's always good to make connections.

I've also been asked to instruct part-time at game design for ITT-Tech. It does pay off graduating valedictorian and establishing good ties no matter where you go. I do love my students and it is a fun subject. Plus, they are hardworking and the feedback I get is that I make a good organic (probably tired of hearing that word, ha-ha) learning environment for them. I do try to tailor the assignments to what they are studying for. If they do concept, bring me a character. If they do 3D modeling, show me the process in what you do. I really do like it and I get to learn more and more about more cool video games. I did introduce them to Dwarf Fortress, I Wanna Be the Guy, and many others. I almost want to buy the 360 just because of it.

Damn, do I LOVE Bayonetta.

What else? Oh man, I have been working on a few personal pieces. I've been posting them up on this blog as I've been completing them, but I am viewing it as hermiting away until I find enlightenment in the art world. I'm not forcing it, nor letting it go stagnant. I kind of view this whole process currently as to what one of my buddies calls, "a hard sell". I've also updated my site to Flash, as it seems to be the best way to articulate my page the way how I WANT.

I've also been getting into fashion. I call it branching out in an artistic fashion. No, it's not going to have me wear spandex and neon lights--yet. I've just been finding a path that works for me, but doesn't feel constrained. I'm just reworking things that work into working for me in expression. I just don't feel like getting too outlandish. I think a big statement can be made just as effectively with something different and bold without going too razor-blade estranged against the senses.

That is all folks, I'll show something else as they go along, but wanted to update you after my SIMS life calmed down a bit.