Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I've been quiet as I've been reshuffling around in life. However, this is the project of which I think will be a good rule to them all.

It's a story about men and women battling it out in a human chess game. Each combatant will fight to the death if met. However, it is a further metaphor of all the stupid things we do to each other to hurt each other in any kind of relationship.

The things we do to each other are translated into swords rather than sharp and hurtful words and actions. I find this movie rich in storytelling.

In this movie, I play a woman who survived the past chess games and won for the women's side. Now I have to teach the women how to win. However, you wonder what you have to give up in that kind of "winning".

I would really love to see this move forward and if we can, make this happen. It's not just for me, but to see this talented group put out something really awesome in present, and in future.

The kickstarter will end Friday.

Thanks so much.