Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today was a meh drawing day, but since I'm working on a project, it was kind of a GOOD art day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here is a compilation of drawings I did today. What I've noticed for my uploading sanity and my poor computer, is that even though I'm getting better at spatial things in terms of drawing in on my sketchbook, (It's VERY small, considering I picked up a bunch over at GDC at one booth.) I think it would be better if I put several drawings on the same page, that way it's easier to upload and easier to follow than uploading like 10 million pictures on there. So, here goes.

I seem to lubricate my drawing gears with cats. Yes, I am a cat person. Somehow cats puts me in my happy fun zone. Cats are my moment of zen.

Now, I've been fixating on hands. Maybe it has relations with petting cats, but really I just am mastering probably one of the tougher aspects of the human body. If you notice the drawing of the curved fist-like gesture (kung fu moves are rad, by the way), one is slightly better than the other. I've been noticing how fingers curve-- more on their own level than them bending towards you.

I graduated to arms. Granted, it's not perfect, but I notice how nicely it all comes together. It's nice that I have slow moments during my day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've been working with hand gestures and hands. I'm kind of ignoring the side details or wrinkles and such, although I am noting where the skin drapes. Really, I'm going for structure and perspective.

These I like better. I think I'm onto something.

These gestures are good to somehow get my brain to link both gesture and structure together, if that makes sense.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Wow. I managed to do a drawing on a wacom tablet at the GDC.

I must be insane. I can't remember... I think it was the Cintex.

Please don't stone me because I got it wrong. ><;;;

Thursday, February 21, 2008

GDC is going great so far and my brain is swimming with ideas, critiques, and suggestions.

I'm also really tired, but I've made some cool new friends/contacts and all is right in the world.

Now I'm having a lie-in a bit today before I haul myself off for another round of marathon socializing. It's actually kind of nice considering that I hole myself up in my apartment after work drawing (another happy thing I like to do).

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My apologies if I don't post here for the next week or so since I'll be running to and fro at the Game Developer's Conference. I'll see what I can throw up here since I DID bring my happy little tablet.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day.

Sometimes, listening to a song from the past can kind of bring things out.

Getting together character sheets is awesome. Especially when it starts coming together.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Toth Creature v2.0

Due to want of redoing the Toth creature from earlier posts, I did a quick sketch of what the new one should be in my head for a character sheet. I pretty much liked all the elements of the last concept, but it was sort of lacking.

This needed something a tad more of a corporeal body. I WAS thinking of going with it as sort of a hovering type of character, but then I opted for stainless steel blades to be hammered in its toes. Looking at it, I think I was inspired by the Chennobites. I wanted him to be a mass of discomfort and pain by looking subtly unnatural.

I angled him in the back orthographic sketch. I kind of wanted to see if I could make him look lopsided to be all even hunched over more. I did like the detail of the feet in the side view, with one foot grossly open. I thought I screwed up, but I kind of liked how it added that crippling effect of the character.

Here is the detail. You can see how the wires bored through the bottom of his beak.

I'm a liking where this is going...

Monday, February 11, 2008

I've been feeling rather the closest what I can really describe as 'mucky'. My thoughts have been scattered as of Sunday.

I was reading Jane Eyre in great detail last night and there was a description of one of her drawings. Well, I drew it, but was not quite sure how to fit the mast in as described with the cormorant and the dead arm.

I've always liked cyberpunk and steampunk. I've been strangely drawn to Victorian-era style clothing. There's something about the antiquity, and yes, there is something alluring about it to even sexy even though it covers everything. However, I am trying to feminize some of the articles of men's clothing at the time and trying to piecemeal a character...

Could be something to do with Keith Thompson's DVD I'm watching... Ha ha ha. The tutorial is about him drawing a Napoleonic-war era zombie, so it could have something to do with it.

Brains....brainsssszzzzzzzzz..... Ugh I hate my sinuses. Please, some zombie eat them....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sinus headaches and artwork don't mix. However, I am having good energy and cranked out a couple of pieces so far today. I'm going to see if I can improve upon any more if I can. If not, tomorrow's another day. ;)

For some reason, Photoshop did NOT like this file. I can't see why, for it wouldn't save it as a GIF or a JPEG file, but I had this as an RGB (for the reference lines). I could see why at CMYK, but after I saved it as an RGB for a while, it still was not accepting it. I had to convert it in another graphic program and then it worked. Anyway, wierd. Here's some water droplets on her fur... as a study.

This is the color study. I'm throwing paint down faintly to see what works and what doesn't, and also how much dark should I go or not go. It's a way for me to get warmed up before I go all full-out color. Usually, I shade in grays first, but I wanted to see how the color scheme worked as I'm experimenting with new swatches.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Practicing with fur texture. It's quite a nice study actually. Working from a photo of a friend's cat.

I got a good basis going, so I'll continue, but wanted to show the work in process.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Was feeling kind of tired from the sinus happiness that's been going around after this flu/cough season. Hooray. Just sat back and did some figure studies, revisited and shaded some old things and corrected some of the anatomy on it if I didn't think it needed a complete draw-over.

I did a pair of men's arms. The picture that I did this off of, his arms were rather strange, like they weren't really porportionate. It's like he had silicone implants in his bicepts. I just found it really nice to draw, This was all in pencil.

I need to revisit this. Although I kind of like the expression and the hair on the second one better, I messed up the leg position. Argh. Third time's a charm.

Psylocke. The underrated character in X-Men. Did a picture of her in that pose. Corrected the arm after leaving it alone for a while.

No. This is not Naruto. Just kidding, this was a character that one of my good friends asked me to draw. He wanted a ninja mouse. He got one. I have to revisit ninja mouse again, because ninjas are rad.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Just did a study on a section of a photo that my friend sent me of a part of Taiwan. It didn't come out too bad, considering that I thought I was hopeless with clouds. In fact, I'm quite pleased. :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Well here are samples of work that I have done in lieu of progression from top to bottom.

This was a revisit to an old, old drawing. I was listening to Dave Matthew's 'The Space Between' with one of my characters running rampant in my head, eluding her details from me.

One had hard light markings, the other is a softer, more regular. I may revisit this one. I love the idea and the study, but I think how I colored it could be better.

This is one I am actively pursuing. I like her lines and honestly, the whole thing is cool.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Phew! Made it!

Well I spent time reworking and messing about with this blog and went for full functionality. If you're reading this fresh out of Blogger, you're welcome to take a look at my portfolio website, whose URL is on the side of the page.

Have fun!