Sunday, June 8, 2008

ethereal muse

Here's some of the stuff I've been working on.

Animated mannequins. I shudder because of some disturbing Silent Hill imagery that went through my head.

The latter version of one of the concepts of The Daughter as a family of mid-bosses.

This was my original concept for The Daughter. I imagined all the piano lessons that I was
subjected to..... I wanted to play guitar... boo hoo.*
*I'm joking. I wish I still could play piano.

Original thumbnails for the Zoo level.

These are sketches of the zoo level. I had an idea since everyone is going super organic in regards to zoo creatures, I thought adding some mechanization to a zoo animal would be disturbing.

This is one of my sketches for a squirrel enemy. I was thinking of that Animal Planet show of the squirrel that would randomly drop out of trees to bite people before they had to 'euthanize it'. A squirrel screaming bloody murder as it divebombed you would be kind of a neat idea.

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