Saturday, July 19, 2008

beauty and the beast - revisited

I revisited Beauty and the Beast again today. :)

As you remember, back in May, I did a quick concept of Beauty and the Beast. Here is the original.

Now, I'm fine with the general references for the Beast to be a wild and furry animal. Fair enough.

However, it never really conveyed to me of the Beast's ugliness. I mean with furry creatures, they are relatable to some level. I guess perhaps it's me, but any animal you can conceivably "pet", you can have some kind feelings or at least maternal for.

I wanted to think of the Beast in a different way. I figured I would make him not only ugly, but unrelateable to another person, so it would be even more difficult for someone to love him, at least feel tender towards him. Basically, really showing the challenge of someone loving him and breaking his spell.

Anyways, I wanted to make a Beast of which you really couldn't relate to. I also wanted to make Beauty a young woman, but more of an adult rather than a girlish woman. The original picture didn't seem to fit what I felt was my spirit of her.

Edit: Oofa. I did it again. This time another perspective...

I don't think I feel like sleeping tonight...

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