Sunday, July 19, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Say hello to Skapon. :)

He's a fascinating character from Joy Mech Fight.

Yes, it is a Japanese game.

And yes, the professor's names did make me snicker.

Well, I finally sat down and drew. Draw I certainly did. Then I found out that my stylus pen broke.

Dagnabbit and dammit.

So, I'll have to go and grab a new tablet/pennage, but I did manage to pound something out via mouse and scans.

I've been watching 'Joy Mech' for a while and that's been my inspiration lately to draw. They are fighting robots without limbs and what they do strangely fascinates me.

I've also been looking up old NES and SNES games to see if I can re-draw the characters again. I call it a nice form of exercise.


Here's a bit of reference from 'Joy Mech Fight' if you see what I mean. I'll probably put more stuff up as I get back into the drawing.

4:20 is comedy gold in this one right there.

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