Wednesday, July 10, 2013



Still working on a thing of various things. I'm currently involved with a few projects here of which I intend to see to completion.

Richard here has been working on his project - The Thing 2 based off of the "prequel/sequel" movie in 2011. He's utilizing RPGMaker and I'm doing the backgrounds for him.

The first movie just scared the bejeezus out of me as it's worse than zombies. Rather than succumbing to waves of undead due to their consumption of you or a bite, this thing invades YOU on a cellular level. Every fibre of your being that you knew and cherished and being systematically ERASED and replaced with a mere copy of you that is ravenous and invasive reminds me of the ultimate form of being a parasite. Damn, it's worse that the Real Housewives and their ilk infecting and redefining "reality TV"!

This my friend, is only a TEST.

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