Friday, March 7, 2008


I didn’t post yesterday due to the fact that the whole block had lost power from the early evening till sometime during the night when I was well asleep. I’m making it up for now and hopefully will essentially ‘double post’ (Hahahahaha) when I am able.

I can’t believe how much GDC made me tired. It was kind of a sloggy fatigue where I was fighting off just general weariness, of which puzzled me, since I’m not the hard-partying type and I do try to get in 7.5-8hours within my day.

BUT. It seems that one of the banes I have to contend with is Photoshop.

I drew an initial study of Cleo here, a preliminary to flesh out an idea and I wanted crisp, clean lines. What drives me nuts is that Photoshop, especially CS3 loves to anti-alias virtually everything in the world until I want to scream. (I know it’s always done that, but I wish there was a centralized point in the General Options/Preferences where you could set a blanket settings and maybe tweak one or two of the Tools.) Also, I’m messed around with brush hardness with the basic default brushes, but no go in the Pen tool function. One of my friends that gets the crisp lines suggests that I start off in Illustrator and import. I may try that, but I shall continue on in my research to find the crisp line. I feel like I’m on a religious quest of something…

I guess kind of like Caine in Kung Fu, except it feels more like ‘Boot to the Head’ at times.

Well, good thing is that I’m over my fatigue, I’ve been drawing in earnest again. I’m getting rather obsessed with feet and legs, but still working on hands and arms.

I wonder if Michelangeo was like this? He was certainly hardcore, so was Vincent van Gough. I can sort of relate to them in personalities as well. Nah, I’m not saying I’m just like them, because they have reached a level I one day hope to attain. I guess I sort of need to inherit more of their ‘madness’ of sorts.

I did draw a kitty, to kind of loosen it up for a bit. I think I’ll color him. I don’t know I felt sort of contented when I drew that. Maybe I’ll experiment with the lines in Illustrator.

Wow, looking back, I still have more work to do, but I’m looking really forward to it. I think you learn focus is not single-minded but a sort of an all-inclusive feeling towards a goal and staying on track does not mean immovable rigidity. That will make you die in creating and make the whole workload more galling and burdensome. You just have to let it go. The zen and religious masters had it man, just let it work and let yourself go.

Basically, don’t forget why you started in the first place. I think it sort of started where I liked to do it. I forgot it along the way and it clammed me up. I was in haste to ‘get it done’ rather than take my time and learn.

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