Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I've been feeling a tad under the weather the last couple of days, so that is why I haven't been posting much . What I hate about being sick is that I just feel tired for a period of time, but I'm not sure that it could be just work or just I need to go and get things set by my massage. It could very well be either of those things, but instead when it happens it happens. So, I took some oscillococcinum and boy that was good. Even though I'm not at 100%, I'm close to 89-90% back to par. However, I guess what kind of is a kicker is when my drawing fragments and nothing is coming together even though I've done it successfully before. I should see that coming so that I can take the necessary precautions. I hate being sick.

So it came together anyway. :D

PS: Oscillococcinum tastes like sprinkles, but they dissolve real fast though.

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