Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Was feeling kind of tired from the sinus happiness that's been going around after this flu/cough season. Hooray. Just sat back and did some figure studies, revisited and shaded some old things and corrected some of the anatomy on it if I didn't think it needed a complete draw-over.

I did a pair of men's arms. The picture that I did this off of, his arms were rather strange, like they weren't really porportionate. It's like he had silicone implants in his bicepts. I just found it really nice to draw, This was all in pencil.

I need to revisit this. Although I kind of like the expression and the hair on the second one better, I messed up the leg position. Argh. Third time's a charm.

Psylocke. The underrated character in X-Men. Did a picture of her in that pose. Corrected the arm after leaving it alone for a while.

No. This is not Naruto. Just kidding, this was a character that one of my good friends asked me to draw. He wanted a ninja mouse. He got one. I have to revisit ninja mouse again, because ninjas are rad.

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