Monday, February 11, 2008

I've been feeling rather the closest what I can really describe as 'mucky'. My thoughts have been scattered as of Sunday.

I was reading Jane Eyre in great detail last night and there was a description of one of her drawings. Well, I drew it, but was not quite sure how to fit the mast in as described with the cormorant and the dead arm.

I've always liked cyberpunk and steampunk. I've been strangely drawn to Victorian-era style clothing. There's something about the antiquity, and yes, there is something alluring about it to even sexy even though it covers everything. However, I am trying to feminize some of the articles of men's clothing at the time and trying to piecemeal a character...

Could be something to do with Keith Thompson's DVD I'm watching... Ha ha ha. The tutorial is about him drawing a Napoleonic-war era zombie, so it could have something to do with it.

Brains....brainsssszzzzzzzzz..... Ugh I hate my sinuses. Please, some zombie eat them....

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