Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Here is a compilation of drawings I did today. What I've noticed for my uploading sanity and my poor computer, is that even though I'm getting better at spatial things in terms of drawing in on my sketchbook, (It's VERY small, considering I picked up a bunch over at GDC at one booth.) I think it would be better if I put several drawings on the same page, that way it's easier to upload and easier to follow than uploading like 10 million pictures on there. So, here goes.

I seem to lubricate my drawing gears with cats. Yes, I am a cat person. Somehow cats puts me in my happy fun zone. Cats are my moment of zen.

Now, I've been fixating on hands. Maybe it has relations with petting cats, but really I just am mastering probably one of the tougher aspects of the human body. If you notice the drawing of the curved fist-like gesture (kung fu moves are rad, by the way), one is slightly better than the other. I've been noticing how fingers curve-- more on their own level than them bending towards you.

I graduated to arms. Granted, it's not perfect, but I notice how nicely it all comes together. It's nice that I have slow moments during my day.

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