Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Toth Creature v2.0

Due to want of redoing the Toth creature from earlier posts, I did a quick sketch of what the new one should be in my head for a character sheet. I pretty much liked all the elements of the last concept, but it was sort of lacking.

This needed something a tad more of a corporeal body. I WAS thinking of going with it as sort of a hovering type of character, but then I opted for stainless steel blades to be hammered in its toes. Looking at it, I think I was inspired by the Chennobites. I wanted him to be a mass of discomfort and pain by looking subtly unnatural.

I angled him in the back orthographic sketch. I kind of wanted to see if I could make him look lopsided to be all even hunched over more. I did like the detail of the feet in the side view, with one foot grossly open. I thought I screwed up, but I kind of liked how it added that crippling effect of the character.

Here is the detail. You can see how the wires bored through the bottom of his beak.

I'm a liking where this is going...

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